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24-Hour Hot Shot Service in Edmonton & Fort Saskatchewan

Rely on Our Hot Shot Service for Your Edmonton & Fort Saskatchewan Business
Business owners and managers across Canada depend on transportation services to deliver their products. You depend on them to get your materials to clients throughout the country in a timely, safe manner.

Usually, you plan ahead to ensure on-time arrival, but what happens when you have an unexpected or rushed order? Ashton Transport Ltd.'s hot shot service to Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, Fort McMurray and surrounding areas can help.

Hot Shot Edmonton & Fort Saskatchewan Benefits
A hot shot service is a rapid delivery method. In standard shipments, you schedule a truck or other vehicle to drop by your office far in advance. However, most of these trucks contain products from many clients, and the driver must make multiple stops to load and deliver them at various locations throughout the trip.

Ashton Transport's Edmonton and Fort Saskatchewan hot shot service devotes the entire truck to your order. Without the extra stops they make on standard jobs, our drivers transport your goods directly to the assigned destination.

The Ashton Difference
Ashton Transport provides 24-hour hot shot service throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories. Our trucks can handle nearly any delivery you need since we stock only heavy-duty vehicles, including:

  • ½ ton, 1 ton, 1 ton c/w up to 40' gooseneck
  • 5 ton, 5 ton c/w up to 40' gooseneck
  • Tandem axle tractor c/w up to 53' step or flat deck

We facilitate over-dimensional loads, so don't hesitate to contact us for any of your transportation needs. Ashton Transport trains drivers to understand the importance of safety and efficiency for each job.

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